Natural Stone and shopping centres, a perfect couple

November 21, 2016
by juan
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Destined to be together forever

Natural Stone and shopping centres. If there is something a shopping center in New York and one in Madrid have in common is that in both parts of the world there is plenty of natural stone used in its construction.

The versatility of natural stone gives these spaces the power to adapt to the needs of each sociocultural context. Some of the most important fashion, jewelry, beauty and tech stores fit within these malls for this reason, sharing the exclusive touch provided by natural stone.

This versatility can be customized almost individually for each space, depending on the type of design chosen by the studios in charge of building or renovating the shopping centre.

The buildings display either geometric compositions with strong Mediterranean roots, or contemporary and neoclassical designs, all in natural stone. These compositions give texture and ambiance to every space.

The purpose: to create a welcoming environment, that invites to walk, get lost and enjoy the different experiences offered by the shopping center.

Let’s see some examples of how marble and natural stone can democratize shopping centres in different parts of the world, while integrating luxury, architecture and design.


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