October 12, 2016
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Marmomacc and Luís Sánchez Díez, more than 15 years connected

Marmomacc and Luís Sánchez Díez, more than 15 years connected by natural stone

They say time goes by fast; 69 years, though, might feel like a while. It was back in 1947 when Luís Sánchez Díez founded our company and time has shaped us and made us hard just like the stones that we craft.

This year again, like in the past fifteen, MARMOMACC and Luís Sánchez Díez have united over a common goal: Passion for Natural Stone.

More than 67,000 visitors and a total 1,500 exhibitors

These figures closed the previous edition of MARMOMACC on its 50th Anniversary. A trade show of international nature,   devoted to design, technology and innovations within the field of engineered natural stone, with an emphasis on the usage of marble


The 2016 edition of the fair was held in VeronaItaly, between September 28th and October 1st. Over the years, MARMOMACC’s vision has open up to embrace new production systems, experimental processes and the innovations of the neo artisans of marble.

We have left the chisel far behind to focus all of our attention on  the machinery, processes, tools and software that have gradually joined the verse of natural stone since the 60’s,  leading us from a semi-automatic world right into the digital era.

Luís Sánchez Díez strengthens its competitiveness with its own quarries

Out of the many international companies that show up at the most important trade show of our sector, our company is among those that best represent Spanish marble manufactured locally.

Luis Sanchez Diez is devoted to the promotion of the products extracted at the very heart of our quarries, specially of our  Grey Venezia and Perlato Imperial, materials with ochre, green and cream hues used on the flooring and wall cladding at Terminal 4 Satellite of Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport, our Pink Travertine, a very resistant sandstone high in quartz that was used on the façade of the St. Lucia University  Hospital, in Cartagena, our Capri Marina limestone, highly recommended for basically any kind of job and our Carey Brown, a variety of marble studded with delicate spiderweb-like veins.

At international fairs like MARMOMACC, our staff stresses the importance of having our own quarries, which is no surprise, as a centralized management of all the production stages usually results in a significant advantage in terms of price for customers and architects, interior designers and distributors alike. A high percentage of the visitors at MARMOMACC are our potential customers.

MARMOMACC has been exploring the many aspects of stone for the past 50 years. Luis Sanchez Díez also has a long tradition in the production of marble and natural stone since 1947. Almost 70 years working in our more than fifteen quarries.

Luís Sánchez Díez capability to provide stone for larger projects

Since our founding, the company has always been involved in the construction of some of Spain’s most emblematic buildings such as the Picasso Tower in Madrid, the historic downtown of Malaga  with the emblematic Larios Street  or the fascinating T4S Terminal at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport, a 90,000 m² space designed by Richard Rogers and Lamela Arquitectos, a Madrid-based Architecture studio founded by Antonio Lamela and directed by Carlos Lamela, and which seeks harmony with nature through shapes, textures and colors. This airport welcomes 47 million visitors each year.


Main trends at Marmomacc

MARMOMACC gathered together this year dozens of firms, studios and leading companies which want to know the new trends in Marble and Natural Stone. Every single minute of the show matters for companies like ours that feel at ease within the sector.  But LUIS SANCHEZ DIEZ not only exhibits at MARMOMACC. We also come here to learn.

This edition of MARMOMACC leaves us with the impression that increasing attention is being paid to the integration of new technologies in the industry, through digital projects that combine hundred-year-old craftsmanship with innovation, projects that respect the old ways while adapting them to the four sectors that unite everything we can see here: stone in any format, design in marble, innovations in machinery and working tools along with 21st century products to work stone with and their potential.

The ideas and proposals presented at MARMOMACC are especially attractive to those working tangentially with marble. Trends pay special attention to techniques that unfold the potential of Natural Stone and tailor it to the requirements of builders and architecture studios.

Those attending MARMOMACC have a unique opportunity to become familiar with the new formulae to shape stone into new applications and usages.


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