December 15, 2015
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Sustainable architecture and design

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015 was celebrated in Paris in December 7th and 8th . This international congress was held, uniting together architects, business men and women, political leaders, investors, associations, NGOs, etc. There is a global challenge to implement urban quality together with sustainability and biodiversity, and architects have a lot to do with it.

Eco architecture, also called sustainable architecture or green architecture, is one of the most expected styles and trends for the next months and years. This style aims to minimize the harm of buildings on the environment, optimizing the use of materials and increasing efficiency. It is all about promoting a more responsible use of energy, materials and resources. A sustainable building seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact and to optimize the water, for example, as well as the light or other natural resources like temperature. All this positive effect is caused thanks to different techniques, such as designing large windows or other sustainable strategies to minimize the use and cost of energy.

1500 West Georgia, an example of sustainable Arquitecture in Vancouver by Ole Scheeren


Photo:  Buro Ole Scheeren

Büro Ole Scheeren, the German architect that until now has developed all his projects in Asia, has recently announced a new creation in Vancouver. The project is a geometrical skyscraper that pretends to integrate in a city that people starts to call “the city of glass”, and in this sense we can say that this building has a combination of sustainable design and also transparent style. The building, with a total area of 30,600 square meters, includes some floors for parking, others for shopping, and a total of 48 floors, presented as transparent boxes, for residential use.



It is qualified as sustainable architecture because it includes some installations on the roof that generate all the energy needed for the public amenities at the ground, which has given the project a LEED Platinum certification, as it makes an important contribution to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, creating a new model of sustainability that gives carbon-free space back to the public.

The natural surroundings contribute to his purpose. The same Ole Scheeren explains on his website that Vancouver is an environmentally-friendly city, and this is a good place to develop his new project. The intention of its water cascade is precisely to integrate better the urban and natural lifestyle that this city aims to keep together.

“La Tour des Cedres” in Switzerland, by Stefano Boeri


Photo: Stefano Boeri


The Italian sustainable architect Stefano Boeri is creating the first tower in the world that, as he says, will be covered with evergreen trees, The Cedar Trees Tower. This green building, 117-metre-tall, aims to be finished next year, and will be near to the lake, in Lausanne, Switzerland. It will include residential apartments, as well as a gym and a beautiful panoramic restaurant at the top.

More than a hundred of cedar trees will surround the building, as well as other thousands of plants to cover the trees. The cedar tree has been chosen because it is a very longeve tree, and it has the capacity to resist the worst climate conditions.




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