The marble luxury hotels


October 5, 2016
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The marble luxury hotels

Marble synonymous of distinction in luxury hotels

Marble in luxury hotels is an essential material.

The use of marble in the architecture has become in synonymous of distinction and elegance, so it is not surprising that all luxury hotels around the world make use of this material. Becoming an iconic and essential component for the hotel architecture.

What is special about this element is that it has an intrinsic characteristic which provides elegant and natural touch to all kind of constructions. The uses of natural stone minimize the damage in the environment, due to is a raw material and product itself.

Its transformation is reduced to process mostly mechanics. It is united to production advances and residue management which made it an ecofriendly product.

Versatility that is given by marble to luxury hotels symbolize a great quality to architects, because it allows to adapt to a thousand designs providing style solutions and techniques that satisfied different tastes and necessities.
Regardless region, culture or place in the world, thousands of luxury hotels structures are companied by this material. We show you some distinguish hotels that use it.


Ritz Hotel of Madrid

The frontage of Ritz Hotels has been declared national monument. It has 137 rooms and 30 suits, with and individual decoration for each room that agree that all bathrooms are made with marble. It has 4 lounges and a bar with access to the garden where the presence of marble it is essential, also their terrace and stairs allowing to create special sensations, that reinforced the elegance and self-sumptuous of the hotel.

The commissary in charge of developing the project was the Spanish architect Luis de Lanchelo by direct command of the King Alfonso XIII at the beginning of pass century, and the execution of the project was consummating by the French architect Charles Frederic Mewes, famous for making several hotels for the Ritz network.

This famous architect, Luis de Lanchelo, is sensible to the neo goth rationalism tendency and he learn the aesthetic and uses of facing brick mixed with natural stone and metal. Techniques that were share and used by his French partner in construction.

The Ritz Hotel, remains today as a reference for the denominated luxury hotels and it was built following the classic French architecture style, rapidly becoming in a referent of social life and Madrilenian capital culture.

One of the first to include reinforced concrete by that time was this project and famous architects around the world were attracted by the structure of this project, because it architectonic popularity.

The most prestigious companies now, so Spanish as foreign, provide design and decoration to the installations of this luxury hotel, carpets, linens, furniture, mirrors, tableware, cutlery that were detailed made for different international corporations, but the marble used was from the Spanish north east coast quarrying, as White Macael and Red Alicante.

The hotel has been considered by the “Luxury Hotels” category since their inauguration, becoming in a national monument since their centenary anniversary in 2010.

Marble in luxury hotels always has a preferential place. All suites bathrooms have the 1910 luxury, with golden faucets, bathtubs, vats and toilets with an exquisite white marble finish becoming this in a warm and elegant place with a traditional character.

In 2015, this building was acquired by the Olayan Group property of Royal family of Saudi Arabia and for the hotel franchise Mandarin Oriental, thus including Ritz Hotel of Madrid to their exclusive luxury hotels group and big luxury.

By 2017 a profound refurbishment with big capital investment is pretend, providing a spa and new restauration spaces, also a full renovation of all their suites.


NAME: Ritz Hotel

ARCHITECTONIC STYLE:  It is a characteristic palace of Belle Époque from the beginning of the 20th century.

ARCHITECTS: Charles Mewes and Luis de Landecho

LOCALIZATION: Plaza de la Lealtad 5, Madrid, Spain.

CONSTRUCTION: 1908-1910.


MANAGERS: Mandarin Oriental Group

IMAGES: Kindness of Mandarin Oriental Group.


Hotel H10 Estepona Palace

Located on the heart of Costas del Sol, Spain, it is another big exponent of denominated luxury hotels category. Offers excellent facilities that highlight marble and natural stone as a common denominator in all luxury hotels.

It has a total of 237 rooms, 7 lounge events rooms, the privilege service and a Spa Centre for relax that has more than 1000 m2.

H10 Estepona Palace in the only hotel in a superior category in Estepona, and integrates to perfection the Andalusian architectonic style with an actual interior.

This project was made for the architectonic studio Enrique Hidalgo Arquitectos, where its combine marble and natural stone with a singular Andalusian architecture, with big spaces, in which the front light radiates against the white walls giving it a touch of colour by the flowers of their terraces with an overlocking to the Mediterranean.

On the insight, stairs, lobby floors and common areas, combine some finishes polish marble in ivory and cream in different slabs, plugs, mosaics and cobbles. That provide and special warm, while these areas, present and contemporary style with finishes of polish marble in Crema Levante and Crema Quivas.

The aquatic zones dazzle visitors; thermal waters, dynamic pools, underwater halls, shower rooms, frozen founding and cold water pond, it made part of the sumptuousness and comfort that provide this luxury hotel to their guests.

H10 Hotels, it is a company established at the early 80th, that has at the present around of 40 hotels in Spain, Mexico and Dominic Republic. To guaranty the customer’s satisfaction, H10 Hotels has luxury hotel located in unbeatable places, with gastronomic cities, an attend service and all kind of details to guaranty de maximum comfort.

The franchise offers vocational hotels in Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Mallorca and Canarias, where the sea can sea enjoyed for a few days, the urban hotels in Barcelona, Madrid and coming soon to London and Rome, design for business and pleasure travels.

Marble has always been in Luxury Hotels and H10 Estepona Palace it could not be the exception.


NAME: H 10 Estepona Palace

ARCHITECTONIC STYLE:  Andalusian style (exterior)- contemporary/nautical style (interior)

ARCHITECTS: Enrique Hidalgo Arquitectos

LOCALIZATION: Av. Del Carmen, 99, Guadalobon beach, Estepona, Costa del Sol (prox. 90 km to Malaga)

CONSTRUCTION: Opened in 2004


IMAGES: Kindness of H10 hotels


Marble in luxury hotels and Hotel Elite World Istanbul

When a guest go through the lobby, has the sensation of being in a Palace. The travellers would have great sensations making them feel as a magnate in a luxury hotel by the perfect combination of different kind of marble. Located at 25km from the Istanbul Airport and 20 minutes from the city centre

When you walk around their installations it can be notice the different tones of marble used, pearlescent cream and topped with dark emperador marble. Everything in harmony with a warm and soft brown carey

They count with a Hamman knowing as Turkish bath, it is a modality of sauna bath, that includes relaxation and body cleaning. Also, has a massage room, that combine perfectly the floors marbles and benches, with a soft light and perfect acoustic, it helps to give a calm and relax appearance.

The uses of marble in luxury hotels, is characterize by transmit, around different spaces, a luxury sensation and splendour that is provide by this noble material.

Highlight the best of marble; its light and splendour is a faculty that architects and promoters must apply correctly in any construction and that is how is interpreted by all luxury hotels and the network Elite World of Istanbul.

This prestigious hotel network operates in three buildings in Istanbul and for 2017 they want a fourth expansion. Neo-classic architecture its appreciated on the exterior of the hotel and how it can be seen in the following images, on the insight the main splendour is reach by marble.


NAME: Hotel Elite World Istanbul

ARCHITECTONIC STYLE:  Neoclassic style

LOCALIZATION: Beyoglu, Istanbul


OWNERS: Elite World Prestige Hotels

MANANGERS: Elite World Prestige Hotels

IMAGES: Kindness of Hotel Elite World Istanbul.


Marble is synonymous of greatness not only for it strength, because it utility. Regardless to be a stone on the way it allows to create new horizons, being the main support element to the architectures in all times.

As Lao Tse would say: “Architecture it’s not only four walls and a roof, but space and the spirit generated on the insight” that’s why details are the most important thing, if we want that our artwork spoke for itself, creating connections and allowing the transcendence. It’s important to have in mind the factors in it.

That is the main reason for importance of marble it is remark, a stone that for its characteristics allows to create all kind of spaces and their uses are notice by a great taste from the architect.






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