Adolfo Suárez International Airport Terminal T4S




Terminal T4S in the Adolfo Suarez International Airport (Barajas, Madrid) has a floor area of about 90,000 m² of Grey Venezia. The design is based on modules of some 70 m² consisting of large format slabs (90 × 60, 90 × 75 and 90 × 90). After the material had been tested by the project consultants and despite the heavy traffic in this building, it was decided to use paving 3 cm thick. Approximately 5,000 lm of skirting board/kerbing, also of Grey Venezia and measuring 90 x 35 x 25 cm was used as the finish up against the curtain wall, installations channelling, hand rails and partitions. The bathrooms were covered with Perlato Imperial in formats cut to size for the walls (2,500 m², 2 cm) and floor (1,500 m², 4 cm) as well as a hygienic skirting  board made of solid pieces in lengths cut to size x 24 x 10 cm (1,500 m). The same action also included the floor for the car park accesses in the new T4 terminal covering 13,500 m², also of Perlato Imperial, in large format pieces (90 × 60, 90 × 75 and 90 × 90) 4 cm thick.

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